Thursday, October 14, 2010

finally captured the Melon Hat

I made my little daughter this hat a few weeks back,
but she had been rejecting to wear it :(

however, today something was different or has shifted.

'honey, do you want to wear the hat? it's kinda chilly outside.'
and she willingly took my offer :)

so, here they are!  the very precious shots of the hat(and the little one!).

the pattern is from the book, called Carefree Clothes for Girls,
and I had been eying on it ever since I borrowed it from my friend.

the outer fabric is wool blend and the inner one is flannel, which will keep her head nice and toasty in the winter.
they were both from my scrap pile, as well as the chin strap.
and a little ebony button to give it a finished touch.
 it is a nice n' easy quick project and great way to use up some scrap fabric! 

I was obsessed enough to even make myself one after grading the pattern to fit my head.
I can't decide if it looks too silly on me though. hm....

anyhow this made my day today,
and I am glad that I can share that here with you :)