Monday, October 11, 2010

zucchini salsa!

fall is here.
we are harvesting last bit of the garden vegetables.

we also got LOADS of giant zucchinis from our housmates' friend who manages a community garden.
we made zucchini bread four times,
also made some zucchini patties a few times.
but we never seem to be able to consume enough of them...
we still have LOTS!
 I mean, LOTS!!

so, I decided to do something different with them.
looked up recipes for zucchini salsa.
found this one, which has great reviews.
so, gave it a shot.

I eliminated the sugar and cornstarch that the original recipe called for,
and cut back the vinegar by half and used apple cider vinegar.
oh, and you know my secret?
I used vita-mix to chop up all the vegetables!
it would have taken me hours to hand-chop them otherwise...

 indeed it was very tasty!
I canned most of the first batch,
and made the second batch and canned some more a few days after since we still had a lot of zucchinis.

we have a year or more supply of zucchini salsa :)!

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