Wednesday, October 27, 2010

little Miss's second halloween

Halloween is here!
every store front and many houses are decorated with scary things and spider webs.
wow, it's that time of the year again!!

this year, I couldn't get much creative on little Miss's costume...
I was debating between a little lamb or Little My.

I grew up in Japan, and there was a kids TV series called, The Moomins.
I remember watching it as a kid.
it is a comic/illustrated story from Sweden/Finland,
and it's about these hippo-like trolls, called Moomins.   

Little My is one of the characters in the Moomins.
she has a bad temper, but is determined and quite loyal.
I thought it would be cute if my little one and myself got dress up as her together,
but wondered if anyone over here knew who she was...

so, this year I whipped up a little lamb costume!

the patterns were based on a bonnet and playsuit in this book I got from Powell's Books(a must-go-store when you come to PDX!)

I even made her a pair of leggings as well!
(sorry, no photo of them :I)

she looks cute in it and I even manage to get some picture with our goats!
but I still can let the Little My idea...
hmmm,,, maybe next year!

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