Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Knits Anniversary Party/Sale

my knitter friend told me about the anniversary sale/party at Happy Knits.
I started knitting last winter and still a beginner.
 I am still not a serious knitter like some people who knits all year around,
but, usually my knitting urge starts nudging me when the cool autumn breeze begins.
I am looking for warm comfort.

it was kinda funny that she told me about the store when I asked her about a good place to get yarn in Portland.
the store was one of the first shops we went to when we moved to Portland five months ago.

so, first only I was going to go there and meet up with her and her friends,
but my hubby and little miss decided to come as well.
they wouldn't let down an offer on FREE food and drink.
and good social occasion, of course!

I never really went in to the back so I never noticed,
but the store was really nice and open.
and they even have a play room for kids!(so mama friendly!)
as usual, I forgot to bring my camera, hence no picture... :(

anyhow, we had wonderful time there.
what's even better,
both my hubby and I won two ruffle tickets!

 yipppeeeeee :)
I LOVE those slippers, and I am going to start with them! 
can't wait to have my own pair :)

it was a perfect thing to do on a rainy day.

we had fabulous time, thank you Happy Knits :) :) :)
best wishes on many more happy years/yarns to come!

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