Thursday, January 7, 2010


I love jeans dearly♥
everything goes well with a pair of jeans,
you can dress up or down with jeans,
and the most importantly, they are super practical!(in my life with one year old, practicality comes first!!)
but I get tired of them sometimes...
don't you?
I am ready for something new for my bottoms!


for some reason, the word 'trousers' makes me think of old men's pants...
but those above in the pics are so stylish and chic!
and they are perfect replacements for jeans!!

I think I am going to make one sometime soon with this pattern(of course it is in Portugees!)!!
in maybe gray, black, or navy??


redhedgingerbread said...

I'm excited to see them if you make some up! Great choices on the photo's. Also... I just bought a new pair of jeans last night, oops! ;-)

lunatepetal said...

nothing is wrong with owning so many pairs of jeans! my collection keeps grwoing too!!

p.S. hey hey! you won the giveaway!! and I've been trying to get a hold of you. please e-mail me :)!!

Khiraki said...

I have the same problem- too many pairs of jeans- you've inspired me to try to limit my jean wearing days this year and add some skirts/trousers to my wardrobe!!
I looove the capri trousers in the pattern- maybe in beige or a pastel colour? Black would be too formal for me, but aaah the pattern is in portugese!!! :(
I will try to find anotheer!

lunatepetal said...

hello and thanks for your comment :)
I went to an online translation site and got the instructions translated. hope to find a nice fabric and start working on it soon!