Saturday, February 27, 2010

my first ever knitted hat

the spring may be just around the corner.
but before it comes, I wanted to squish in some knitting.
I love soft and warm knitted/crocheted item that keep me cozy in the cold weather.

do you remember how I explained before that I didn't have a brain and hands for knitting?
I know I had failed so many times trying to knit,
but, all the hats and scarves I see on Etsy and people on the street & blogs had been making me want to learn knitting, well, once again!

I searched online for slouch hat/beret patterns, and I came across this blog.
also find this site for knitting terms and stitches, and it even has little tutorial video clips.
thank god for the Internet! I would have been lost without it, otherwise!!

I changed the pattern slightly because uneven number of stitches was driving me nuts!
yes, I am very particular when it comes to things like that.
and after restarting it five or six times, finally it was shaping like a hat!!
I was so excited :)!

I did one too many row in the cable(can you find where it is?),
but I decided not to rip it all apart once again and tried to shut my eyes off of it.

not bad for the first project, right?
the important thing is, I actually finished a project!

now, I am hooked on knitting!
and want to make myself another hat with cranberry/raspberry red yarn.
the year I used for this hat was thrifted for 50c and wasn't that soft.
I am guessing it was aclyric.
I want the next hat to be nice and soft, so now I am off to yarn hunting :)


Ophelia.k said...

So lovely! You did a great job! I sadly cannot knit, but crochet. It's nice to make winter accessories by your favorite yarn!
Usually end of summer, I can't control myself to pick up some yarns and crochet with AC. I will miss doing it until next autumn...
Looking forward the next one;)

::HARUNA:: said...

thanks! I thought I couldn't knit after having so many painful failure attempts. I gave up somany times!!
but hey! I guess I CAN knit! this time, I think, I got lucky and made it work. so happy :)
I am sure you can too! maybe ask Chie to teach you how :)

Karin said...

Oh, what I nice hat! I love the colour, and the cable knit and the knitting looks totally professional. I can not find the extra cable...
I can only knit flat patterns in several colours (quite scandinavian I guess), I'd LOVE to be able do cables and stuff... well done :-)!

::HARUNA:: said...

it was not as hard as I thought to knit cables! trust me, this was my first project, and I am certain you CAN too ;)!