Thursday, July 22, 2010

bed -my husband's work-

I wanted to show you readers this bed my husband made for a customer recently.
it is made out of all recycled materials!
a couple of doors are used, I think, for this bed frame.

he got all the material from the Rebuilding Center, located on N Mississippi ave in Portland.
it is such a cool store where they sell all the recyclable/reusable building materials, which is all donated from the previous owners.  you can find not only lumbers, but also lots of used old doors, windows, sinks, drawers,,, etc...  most of the things there is reasonably priced, and sometimes you get lucky to find a really nice stuff for very cheap!!

the company which my husband works for also uses a lot of recycled materials from the store,
and builds/remodels houses, restaurants, and shops like below!!
blue door wall cubical by orange-pdx.OUV office by orange-pdx.OUV rafter cubical by orange-pdx.

for more photos visit their flickr :)

interested?  you have a building project/inquiry??
you know who to contact ;)

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Linz said...

tres cool!!! i'll have to tell my cousin about it since she lives in portland.