Saturday, July 17, 2010

two way garden top

I know I should be focusing on the project.
the dead line for shipping is in less than 10 days!

oh, but you know....
I got distracted(as usual), and started another project.

well, I get to have fun,
and make some summer clothes for the season!
it's been a while since the last time I made something for myself.

this fabric has been waiting for its use for a whole year!
it's from naniIRO fabric, and I LOVE all of their fabric.
this one is double gauze, light and breezy. it's perfect for the summer!
the pattern is 1 Piece Kimono Tee from Burdastyle.
it is not 1 piece anymore because I had to use the fabric crosswise(I liked how the print was that way),
and it wasn't long enough.
the sleeves were shortened a bit,
and the neckline is different- one side is shallower than the original, other is V-shape.
this way, I can wear it both ways, front or back.
I kind of like wearing the V on the back better :)

I have a tiny bit leftover of the fabric, and am planning on making a little tunic/top for my daughter.
matching clothes are kinda nerdy, I know.
but I enjoy wearing them with my daughter ;P

it's hard to see, but these are the earrings I am wearing in the pics above.
I made these parrot earrings a few years ago.
oh, how much I love birdies!

okay, that was enough sidetracking,
and now it's time for me to get back to the main project...


Ophelia.K said...

So cute!! I love the fabric! Nani iro fabric is always fabulous.

I really like to see your sewing project;)

Have a happy weekend!

Linz said...

being distracted/destructed is awesome when it produces such nice work! the parrots are wonderful!

satomi said...

naniIROの生地可愛いよね!私もこの柄素敵だなーって思ってたの^^ ダブルガーゼだよね?縫いずらくなかった?大きな柄がシンプルなパターンに合ってるね♪ところでBurdastyle bookに出るんだね!!すごーーい!!私まで嬉しくなっちゃった^^ テーマを与えられて作るのかな?コートなんて大作だねーー がんばってね!!

::HARUNA:: said...

I wish naniIRO fabric is a bit more affordable... then I would have a stash of them :)!!

::HARUNA:: said...

haha I am really good at being distracted/destructed! and sometimes I produce something at the end, well only sometimes!

::HARUNA:: said...

Burdastyle Bookは与えられたパターンの自己流バリエーションを作ることになっていますよ。はい、大作過ぎて・・・後数日で締め切りなので切羽詰ってます> < satomiさんが参加されないのがホント残念で仕方がないーーー

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Love that top especially in that fabric, am checking the pattern out now!

Cecili said...

I love your version of this top, it looks quite sophisticated this way. The fabric is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute--I saw it on Burda Style, and decided to copy your V idea with my own Nani Iro. After I made it, I saw you live in Portland, too! Oops--maybe we'll run into each other in our similar dresses someday. :)

::HARUNA:: said...

haha, that would be funny!
your dress looks so cute! the pattern works great as a dress, too :)