Friday, July 2, 2010

nothing says summer like...

strawberry shortcake!!

here is the recipe I tried a few days ago.
it was the first time for me to try out a gluten free recipe.
I made it gluten free because one of the housemates has a little trouble with wheat.
I looked up for wheat free strawberry short cake recipe and tried this one.
I will write my version down below.

Sugar -2 TBS
Rice flour -generous 3/4 C
Millet flour -2/3 C
Bking powder -1 TBS
Salt -1/4 TSP
Butter -1/4 C
Water -3 TSP
Yogurt -5 TBS
3 large eggs

①mix all dry ingredients together, then cut butter in and mix until it becomes crumbly
②mix the wet ingredients together in a cepalate bowl, then mix in with the dry ingredients
③preheat the oven 400F, bake it for about 20 min or until it's browned
④serve with strawberries and vanilla ice cream.
Von ape tit :)

I didn't use margarine(it's BAD for you!) or any other dairy/gluten-free products as the original recipe called for.
nor did I use rosewater because I couldn't find it in a store.. :(
it sounds good with rosewater though!
and actually didn't use sugar either(well, just forgot!)
it wasn't that dry and crumbly as most of gluten free bakings tend to be.
I'd love to try it with rosewater next time, for sure :)

so, we went to a u-pick organic farm on Sauvie Island last weekend.
with six of us, picked 46pounds of strawberries in a couple hours!!
(this is what she did most of the time while the others were busy picking!)

we finally finished processing(washing, drying, bagging, freezing, and making jam!) two nights ago.
we'll have plenty of strawberry supply for the year :) :) :)

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