Tuesday, July 13, 2010

recent exciting activities

last Sunday was a pretty exciting day.
we went to Bakery Bar to watch the world cup final game.
it was jam packed with people, and it was a great game as well.

we didn't know about this place till a few days before the semi/final games,
it won't take us too long to become a regular there!
they have good food, good drinks, and good people :)
and so convenient that it's just a couple streets down from us!

after the game was over, we went home.
and look what we saw!!

goat babies!!

CC(not sure how her name is spelled?), one of the three female goats, had her babies while everyone else was screaming and cheering at the world cup.
she had her own game going.
it was probably so nice for her to have her own quiet space to labor these cuties, though.
oh, they are just too cute :)!

you are next, Zlateh!!
she looks so ready to poop the babies out!

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