Tuesday, July 13, 2010

burdastyle book -work in progress-

a little sneak preview of what I am working on for the Burdastyle book project.
these are the fabric I am using for the coat.
I did not get what I was imagining for my variation,
which was really disappointing and frustrating...

but it seems like a lot of the people who are participating in the project didn't get what they wanted to use for their projects either...
and I'm sure those kinds of compromises are expected and needed for a project like this.

now, I'm over it, and feel better about what I got.

I worked on the pattern modification and muslin a little bit.
even though I probably should work with muslin first before starting with any kind of project,
I never have.
but for this project, I was a little too scared to just give it a go and start cutting/sewing the fabric,
and I am little more careful...

although this hot weather is not really helping my motivation to be up for the winter clothes sewing,
I will be starting on the actual fabric soon as there is only half of the time left!
work, work, work!!


mirela said...

I know what you mean with the fabric. Mine is very nice, but I had a rain coat in mind, and got a thick suede like fabric, in the end I do like it. I'm sewing the coat from Florida, so tell me about the heat...especially when I'm trying it on.

::HARUNA:: said...

hello, another coat person!
hahaha, sewing a winter coat in Florida isn't that common, I'm sure!
luckly, it has been cool here for the past little while!
look forward to seeing your version :)