Wednesday, July 8, 2009

animation shorts

last night
I was just remembering a couple of the animation shorts we watched at Ashland Independent Film Festival in 2008.
I totally had a different expectation for animation until I saw these.

one of them was Naked Branches by Will Kim.
it is a gorgeous watercolor animation.

I remember he was asked how many pieces he had to paint,
and it was like 3000 or 5000, some ridiculous numbers of paintings for a not even 5 minute film,
and a lot of them didn't even get used in the final product.
a lot of work!
but sure it is so beautiful - both images and story(and sad).
click here to check out his other films and art!

the other one was Madame Tutli-Putli.
an animation done with puppets.

this movie was very interesting and really intense.

all the animation shorts that were played at the festival were very interesting and well done.
but these two movies are, for some reason, imprinted in my memory very vividly.

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