Monday, July 6, 2009

unproductive weekend

very unproductive long weekend...

my husband B had 4 days off for Canada day.
our first plan was to go see his family who lives a few hours away from where we live.
then, he told me we should stay here to deal with a few thing around the house.

but none of those things ended up happening,
and so many unfinished loose ends in our lives...

things like that make me frustrated.
I am a pretty decisive person,
and like to get going with things and move forward!


oh well,
just a weekend....

only thing I accomplished was fixing up B's bracelet I made him a while ago.
it was on a piece of flexible stringing wire,
but because he leaves in on his wrist, it was not strong enough.
and this was the second time fixing it,I tried something different.
I decided to knot the bracelet on nylon string- literally in between every single bead.
hope this will last for a while.


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