Friday, July 24, 2009

beading how-to - WIRE WORK BASICS #2


repeat simple loop step①~③(if you forgot, refer this post),
but DO NOT cut off the end

instead wrap the end around the stem wire using two pairs of pliers or one paie of plire and hand - one to hold the loop, the other to wrap the end wire around the stem
wrap it around a few times
then cut off the excess
it looks like this

put a bead on, and bend the unfinished end at 90° leaving a few mm for wrapping

repeat wrapped loop step ①~③ to finish the other end

if you'd like to continue making links,
just do wrapped loop step ①, and open the loop like below and connect to the ready made loop
finish wrapping
taddaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

now you mastered both simple and wrapped loops!!

you can make yourself a new piece of jewelry, or fix up your broken jewelry :)


julia. said...

so smart!

Unknown said...

Love the instructions, yay. I seriously need to give it a go.