Tuesday, July 21, 2009

feeling healthy

because my husband B is away for a week, doing an install in Alberta,
I had a list of things I wanted to do while he is gone.
I don't know why, but I get strong motivation to do things while he's not around.
he is not lazy or anything,
but I think it is sometimes easier to get stuff done while you are alone.

one of the things on my list was to get back in a habit of doing Yoga everyday.
it's been months since the last time I stretched.
I pulled out a yoga mat from closet,
and did some yoga for not even a half an hour.
that was all little L can handle playing all by herself.
although it was short, I felt really good :)

when I feel good and healthy,
I also crave for healthy stuff.

- green smoothie -

when we read this book, called Green for Life, a few years ago,
we got way into having green smoothie everyday.
the book was written by a raw foodist, Victoria Boutenko,
(well, the whole family is raw foodists.
and we called them the raw family when we lived in Ashland.)
B is a health freak, so he is still on it almost everyday,
but after a while, my interest faded away...
the truth is, I LOVE cooked food.

just like yoga, I had been out of it for a long time.
but today, after doing yoga,
I was actually craving for it.

so, I made some.

- banana, blueberries, orange, chard, lettuce, celery and yogurt-
sometimes we put nuts and seeds, and cod liver oil.

I feel super healthy today :)

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