Wednesday, July 1, 2009

flower pics

I don't really like cut flowers... :(
for me, there is something sad about them.
and I just feel so bad for the flowers,
and feel the sadness/sorrow they may be feeling...

I know their lives are pretty short,
and they may enjoy being admired and appreciated by people.

I admit that it is nice to receive a bouquet of flowers
for anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions.
and I enjoy having flowers in the house, too.

I just don't really know what bugs me about them ...


Karencilla said...

pretty pictures! what camera do you own?

::HARUNA:: said...

hey Karen :)
sorry for the late reply...
I have a Canon powershot that I got it for Christmas a couple years ago from my husband. it is my first degital camera I ever own. it still works, but I'd love to own a really nice camera.
what do you have and what is your dream camera?