Tuesday, June 30, 2009

purple flower maxi

I saw this really pretty maxi dress in a local eco-clothing store.
very pretty flower printed fabric.
I really wanted it, but it was a bit more than I am generally willing to spend on a piece of clothes.

I thought the design was simple enough that I could make it!
so I went fabric hunting.

there was nothing really catching my eyes in the fabric store.
but I thought I'd give it a try with this purple flower fabric anyway...

interestingly enough, as soon as I started working on the dress,
I did not follow her how-to since I already started making it with Burdastyle Tara pattern
(I just LOVE how quick and easy Tara is!),
but it was a great reference.
thank you Chie :)

I am happy with how it came out.
but I'm not sure if I will keep it for myself
or list on my Etsy shop and keep looking for a perfect fabric for it...


Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

great job!!! the dress looks great. i always wonder whether i should post it on etsy or keep it my self. but usually, i end up putting up on etsy.

Karencilla said...

really pretty i want a maxi dress!

Maggie May said...

wow, great job!

::HARUNA:: said...

thank you all for the nice comment :)!

I'll probably end up listing it on Etsy by next week :) I don't need any more clothes, I think...