Monday, December 28, 2009


we've been up on Quadra Island since 23rd for the holidays,
and we had a fabulous christmas with all the family members!
(on my husband side, 19 of us, plus some friends. my family lives in Japan)
my husband's oldest sister and her family rented a cabin right across from the second oldest sister's house for a week.
now they are back in Alberta, and we, three, got a chance to stay at the cabin for a couple days!
it is really cute and I love how it is done.
a great mix of modern, vintage & sort of country-ish.

tomorrow, we go back to the second oldest sis's house, and we are going to be here until New Years.
little L has been a bit overwhelmed by all the people and activities,
so it was so nice to have our own space for two days to sort of make some adjustments and have some quiet time.


SouthEnd said...

Where on Quadra is this???? I live on Quadra and love the thought of such a cute place to stay here. よろしく!

::HARUNA:: said...

hmmm I can't be sure of the street names, but I think it's ceder & alder. might be wrong though... my sis in law lives very close to the place and her friends run it. anyhow, it is a very cute cozy lace!