Wednesday, December 16, 2009

shirt, done!

so, I finally finished the shirt a couple days ago.

it is based on Jakob pattern from Burda Style, and I arranged it to a cowboy style.

I cut the fabric diagonally for the shoulders, pockets, and cuffs.
I wanted to do the same for the part that the buttons go on,
but ran out of fabric, and the store no longer carried the same fabric... :(
which was a real bummer...

finished up with the pearl snaps, and that made it look like a real cowboy shirt!

now it is all wrapped in the Christmas wrapping paper,

and, I am debating whether I should wait till Christmas to really surprise him,
(I think he has NO idea that I am giving him a present! because this year,
our family decided to do gifts only for the children, but no adults. even then, NINE kids in our family!)
or, I should give it to him this weekend, so that he could wear it to a couple of Christmas parties we are going this weekend...

what should I do?!


Tiffanyloreneallen said...

Yippie! I like it! I also like the idea of presents for just kids, but we've only got two kids in our family!


redhedgingerbread said...

Hmm.... it's so hard to wait to give really good presents; but it would be such a nice unexpected surprise! Well, I guess it would be before xmas too.... double hmm....

lunatepetal said...

a big family can be a bit stressful especially around christmas, thinking about gifs...
well, you guys are still continuing to grow so much more though! wait another 5-10 years and see ;P

p.s we are sunning late on the gifts to you guys, as always... :(

lunatepetal said...

hello & thanks for your comment!!
I know! it's so hard to wait! although it's kinda fun to enjoy that excitment sometimes.
I think I decided on when to give :)

satomi said...


lunatepetal said...