Wednesday, December 9, 2009

train ride

this is what we did last weekend :)

sorry for the bad pics...
I had my camera set to the night mode,
but it seemed worked better with the auto setting...
what a bummer :(
we went to BC Forest Discovery Centre to ride the Christmas Express.
all the fun kids stuff you get to do when you have a child...
much more coming, I am sure :)

also, we went to a lavender farm for their Christmas Opening,
which wasn't nothing special...
they just had their lavender shop open.
but we got ourselves a nice bottle of salve and oil.
on the farm they had some sheep.
we went to check them out.
as you can see in the pic, they were running away when we got close to them.
then I start calling them.
"baaaaa baaaaaaaa"
apparently I did a good job!
then they stopped and stared at me.

I love sheep :)

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