Sunday, December 27, 2009

a very special day

one whole year has been already passed since the very special day of my life.

the day I met my daughter.

she was born today exactly a year ago at the exact time.

I remember
that winter was particularly cold.
there was lots of snow outside.
it was a beautiful snowy day.

I remember
the very first little cry of yours.
you made one little cry and cuddled into my arms.
and mama and papa fell in love with you right at that moment.

I remember
the little noise you made all night long
on the very first night outside mama's body.
all thee of us cuddled into the warm bed until the mornig came.

I remember
your grandpa and grandma's surprised faces
when they came to visit next day.
mama and papa kept you secret as a best Christmas gift for them.

I remember

I remember

I remember

I remember
lots of things about you!

it was a very special day.

P.S. mama and papa love you so much!
and thank you so much for coming into our lives.

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