Sunday, December 20, 2009

shirt, and....

so, this is what I ended up doing with the shirt I made for my hubby.

I gave it to him this weekend!
I kinda felt weired about giving only him a gift at Christmas, and no other adults.
(we are doing gifts only for the kids this year in our family)
and this way, I could skip all the hustles I might had to go through
-keeping a secret, which I am really bad at(I like to share the things I am excited about!),
and, keeping a surprise, which would have not been that hard for those kids to find out there was a gift for my husband under the tree...

so, yup, a little bit early, but hey, it was still a good surprise gift for him :)

we'll be off to Quadra Island on Wednesday,
and spend the Christmas with the entire family(19 of us!).

but before we leave, I still have a ton of stuff to do!
I need to finish up all the gifts, and wrap them(I am always running around till the last minute!!),
and mail out some of them.
also some baking needs to be done -cookies and butter tarts to bring with us!
AND, get ready for little L(my daughter)'s birthday!
her b-day is on the 27th, right after Christmas.
we'll be celebrating her first b-day with the family, which will be fun!

we'll see how much stuff I can actually get done...


Anonymous said...

The shirt looks so great!! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

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lunatepetal said...

thanks :)!
he liked it and it fitted on him well.