Monday, December 14, 2009

a dress for my bestfriend

I got an order on a dress from my BESTEST friend, Mika, about 2 months ago.
I can't believe how long it took me to finish it...
a bit embarrassing, almost.
I've never worked on a custom order (for clothes) before.
it was a definitely an experience,
especially I couldn't take specific measurements, nor could I check it fits nicely on her...

but today I received an e-mail from her saying she got the dress and she is happy with it!
it was nerve racking, but well worth it.
she is happy with the dress, that is the most important thing!

so, here is the finished product!
I used Danielle pattern from Burda Style.

I changed the sleeves into tent sleeves.
I refered to the how-to on Burda Style,
but ended up with too much volume...
so I made little adjustments here and there.

the back didn't line up properly...
well, I should have checked, but it was too late(too much work) to fix it.

so I got a hint from this dress Satomi made.
hide it with a bow!!
how clever :)
the bow is attached by snap buttons.


vivatveritas said...

thats cute! im sure your friend loved it!

lunatepetal said...

thanks, chie!
yes, she did :) and that makes me happy!!