Tuesday, December 1, 2009

meet our friend, Tad!

last Saturday, we went to see our friend, Tad, playing at a local coffee shop.

it had been a while since the last time he did his own gig,
but it was a nice cozy setting and little L sure enjoyed him playing music! (so did we, of course!)

anyhow, here is a little clip from the show for you :)
you can also hear little L 'talking' in the background.
and the reason why it's wiggling so much is because little L was dancing right beside me while Tad was playing :)
*sorry about the poor quality of the image and sound*

please go check out his myspace,
and you can listen to one of his songs newly recorded in Vancouver.
he also plays in a bluegrass band, Skagway.
you can listen to a few tunes on their MySpace, too :)

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