Tuesday, June 23, 2009

brown rice pudding

we got 2 litters of organic milk from our landlord.
they said they got too much milk and they are expiring very soon.
we were not sure what to do with it.
we generally don't drink much milk at home.
I was thinking of making custard pudding,
but we didn't have many eggs left to use up the milk.
so, my husband B came up with an idea of making rice pudding.
well, we didn't have much white rice left,
so we used brown rice!

we checked a few recipes online,
but didn't really follow any of it.
B made it up as he was making,
and it turned out really good :)
it just had to be cooked longer
- for a few hours -
so that the rice is soft and gooey.

now we ended up with a big pot-full of brown rice pudding...
we'll be eating it for the next few days for breakfast and afternoon snack :P


Karencilla said...

Mmm delicious, that's what we call here in Panama: "arroz con leche" which literally means rice with milk. We do it with white rice, cinnamon and raisins!.

::HARUNA:: said...

'rice and milk' hahahaha