Wednesday, June 17, 2009

late birthday gifts

it was almost a month ago...
while my camera was dead,
a package came in the mail.

it was from our good friends from Ashland.
birthday gifts for both I and B, my husband!
how sweet :)
(both of our birthdays are close together.
and yes! we both are tauruses!)

when I opened the package,
there was a little printed patch for B,
and a happy birthday card.

then, I noticed something was missing!
MY GIFT???!!!
it was supposed to be a yard of pretty fabric as she told me ahead of time...
but it wasn't there...

the only thing I could think of was someone,
who probably works in the mail business (sorry if you work in the business!),
took it out of the envelope because it was sealed, but not taped.

how cruel is that?!
I mean, it was my birthday gift... :( :( :(

I told her about the sad incident...

and a few weeks later,
here comes another parcel in the mail!
she sent me a new one!
and this time it was in a cardboard box and the fabric was even wrapped in a pretty tissue!!

she is so sweet...

there was also a 6 month birthday gift for my daughter - a bib she made :)

she has a baby girl who is just two months older than my daughter.
and she is also a printmaker.
be sure to check out her website!!!

P.S. yes, the giveaway is still coming!
I haven't forgotten about it! it's just around the corner :)


Akazukin said...

I can't believe the fabric went missing. Although, it is pretty fabric ...

::HARUNA:: said...

I know that was such a bummer!
but she was awesome enough to get me a new different one :)

yoshimi said...

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear the incident, but I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You are very lucky to have such a good and kind friend!

::HARUNA:: said...

thank you! I had my actual birthday in Japan with friends and family. I haven't spent my BD in Japan for the past 6yrs, so it was very special and wonderful!
yes, I am very fortunate to have good friends like her :)

Tiffanyloreneallen said...

So happy you like those presents!!!