Wednesday, June 3, 2009

giveaway pre-announcement

I am planning on having
my first giveaway this month!
Because my daughter is turning 6 month old later in this month,
I am going to post the actual giveaway announcement on her 6 month birthday.
I have not decided what the prize is, but have an idea!!
There are not too many 'followers' of my blog right now.
So, you'll have a greater chance to win the prize :)
Please stay tuned!


Karencilla said...

Hey girl! Thanks for your comment about my fried dough. Yeap, it is a family recipe! and it tasted good... well not good enough for me though hahaha

K@terina B. said...

oh you have a daughter...!! how sweet! nice blog..I love the prof pic with the kitten cool!!! what are ya gonna give away???

::HARUNA:: said...

Hi, Karen :)
sure it looked delicious!!! you will master it someday!

>K@terina B.
Thank you :) yes, it's been a really cool experience raising a child, and I have been learning so much from her!

The giveaway prize will be something I made, and probably a piece of Jewelry! I have something in my mind, but have not decided quite yet. Hope you will come back to check it out when I officially announce about the giveaway!