Monday, June 29, 2009

my weekend

my weekend flew by really quickly...
B, my husband, gets three day weekend, Fri, Sat & Sunday, because he works longer hours each day.
it is really nice having three day weekend.
Friday is usually our running errands day - grocery shopping for the week.
then Saturday and Sunday is chill out and play day.

I bought these vintage lace from a local vintage/antique store on Friday.
they were $1 each - score :)

Saturday, I made little L a strawberry custard tart from scratch for her half birthday.
of course, little L didn't get to eat it.
it is too early for her.
she has just started eating a little bit of solid food a few weeks a go.
instead I and B enjoyed it :)
B forgot to take the crust out of the oven while I and little L were having a bath,
so it was a bit over baked...
but it was still quite tasty!

Yesterday, we went to help our friends move.
I carried little L in Ergo Baby on my back, and moved boxes to a truck.
they had a lot of stuff!

I decided to extend the giveaway until Friday the 3rd(till the midnight Pacific time) !
and if you like it in a different size, please mention it too :)


Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

oh the cake looks soooo good!

Karencilla said...

the cake looks awesome!

About the giveaway, i use size 5.. hopefully i'll win hahaha

::HARUNA:: said...

>chie & Karen
yeah, it was pretty good concidering I pretty much made it up with the stuff we had in the fridge :)

Karin said...

Oh, the doilies are so pretty! And the cake looks delicious... good thing she didn't know what she missed out on ;-)!