Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Burda Mode Magazine 07/2009

I had been really excited about this news for ages!

I got an offer to be featured in Burda Mode Magazine two or so months ago.
so, I sent an e-mail back with original photos and such.

I almost forgot about it until recently.
and, I got a bit nervous because I had not heard from them since then.
I thought it might have been a scam!

I guess it takes a while editing to publish things.
well, I knew that,,,
but couldn't stop thinking of bad scenarios.

anyhow, it was all real!
and I received an e-mail with the PDF file of where I was featured :)

of course, it is all in German,
which I don't even understand a single word... :(
so, I went online and used a free translator thing.
but it didn't quite make sense...

does anyone out there understand German?
and could you please translate it for me :)??


EmilyKate said...

OMG AWESOME!!!!!!! That's so cool! No I'm sorry Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch! no doubt very soon a German reader will help you out!

Melinda said...

That is so awesome! Congrats. You definitely do have some great creations.

verypurpleperson said...

How wonderful! Congratulations for you!

0020 said...



::HARUNA:: said...

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words :)!!!
I am still waiting for some German person to translate it for me... Maybe I should ask one of my husband's co-workers to do it. He's from Germany!

::HARUNA:: said...


flyingdutchbird said...

Here's a rough translation:

Naturally Beautiful
Small details in the right place transform the clothes and accessories of Lunatepetal (Haruna Wilson) into true Masterpieces. Also convincing is the quality of the mainly natural materials.

Hope that helps


flyingdutchbird said...

Congratulations by the way!

::HARUNA:: said...

thanks so much for doing that for me!!
aha! now I know that they say bout me.
and it's pretty cool :)