Saturday, February 13, 2010

she is well and happy again :)

my daughter had been sick pretty much the entire week.
her fever finally went away yesterday!
however,,, she spent a whole day crying and screaming yesterday...
she must have been feeling better, but we couldn't figure out what was bothering her.
children definitely test your patience and challenges you in many different ways!
ugh! I am happy it's finally over!!

after all the sitting around and snuggling with her(that was all she wanted me to do),
I am dying to get back to sewing and crafting!

today I copied some patterns form the Japanese sewing books while my husband took her out for a few hours,
and I am ready to go!
will start on a few projects next week
and can't wait to shar with you guys here for the new creations :)

well, tomorrow is Valentine's day.
anyone got a plan or date?
we'll probably have a nice mellow day st home since my daughter is just fully recovering.

have a sweet & lovely Valentine's everyone :)


Karin said...

I'm glad to hear your daughter has recovered, and I must say oh she's so pretty!
I am spending valentine's day working, now waiting for a file to finish saving, but i'ts quite alrigt. No date but not very unhappy about it :-).
Have a nice valentine's day, and I hope you get loads of sewing done!

satomi said...

娘ちゃん可愛い~♪ちょこんとはねた二つ結びがとってもお似合いですね^^ 元気になって良かったです!日本のパターン本から写すのって気合い要りますよね・・・。どんなお洋服を考え中なのか楽しみです^^

::HARUNA:: said...

sorry to hear that you had to work on Sunday! and now you're sick?! aw I hate being sick... rest and get well soon :) :) :)

::HARUNA:: said...