Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am not a 'red' person.
sadly I can't wear red...
every time I see a gorgeous red dress or jacket, makes me want to try it,
but I know I won't like it wearing.
it is just too intense for me to handle.
it is almost an energetic thing that the color red agitates me...
all I can handle is a little bit of red here and there as an accent,
maybe a belt, jewelry, or shoes.

yesterday, I made a necklace with a little faceted garnet bead.

sort of inspired by Carla Caruso's necklace.
I love the blight red of the ruby on her necklace!

I am not completely sold on the design though... :(
maybe I'll snip the sparkly gold ball off? (is it rather destructing?)
or wrap the bead differently??
hmmm :I
or maybe all I need is a blight red ruby bead!

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