Friday, February 5, 2010

kittens, inspired by kittens

I love cats.
we got two kittens(brother and sister) when we got married because I missed living with cats so much.
and we made an agreement that if we didn't have any kids, I was going to be a cat lady.
but I guess that's not happening now... :(
we have a beautiful daughter instead!

sometimes, I get sucked in watching cute pet video clips. especially ones with kittens in it.
I just watched this one, and oh my! she's just so cute and hilarious!!
I just had to share this.

have a wonderful weekend :)


Linz said...

if i weren't so deathly allergic to cats, i'd prolly have a couple myself! alas, alas. have a good weekend!

Lily said...

I love cats more than anything. They are so wonderful. I can never understand people who don't like them!

Ophelia.k said...

I want to have a daughter like her:D
So cute!!!

::HARUNA:: said...

aw too bad that you have cat allergy!!

::HARUNA:: said...

I know, that's unfortunate, isn't it!

::HARUNA:: said...

isn't she?
my fav part is
"I'm her mom"
"noooooo she's not!"
she's got a good sense of humour :)