Thursday, February 18, 2010

thrifted treasures

I totally scored on this dress!
paid $9, I guess it is more like a used consignment price, but I couldn't let it pass.
it is size large, and it doesn't look bad on me although I am size s(or xs sometimes).
but I think I will take a couple inches in from the sides for the better fit.

...and these coasters -$3.

love the delicate design :)

have a relaxing weekend♥


Ophelia.k said...

I "heart" the dress!!! It is good condition and beautiful fabric!
If you cut some fabric to fix it, maybe you can make a matching headband or ribbon!
Also the coaster is neat;)

::HARUNA:: said...

I was lucky to find this gem :) I made it fit me better last week, and I was thinking about making a hair band, maybe a braided one!