Tuesday, February 2, 2010

where to next? tired of moving...

our life is well described as gypsy style.
lived there for a few years, and lived here for a couple years, then off to the next place.

now, we are getting to the point of thinking 'okay, where to next?' again.
well, to be exact, as soon as we moved to this town from oregon,
we were already thinking about where's 'next'.
this just isn't the place for us...

I am getting tired of moving, though...
it takes so much work and costs money!
and the feeling of 'never being settled in' consumes me...
it gets exhausting after doing it so many times.
feels like our life has been on hold forever...

so, I'd like to 'settle down' to the next place(wherever it may be) for a good chunk of our life.
and call it 'home'.
maybe, buy a house, have a proper studio for my art & craft and for my husband's woodworking and music
and start a vegetable garden...

what we are looking for the place we'd like to live in:
-a good safe community-
-open minded creative people-
-beautiful surroundings/parks-

okay, so we know what we want(that's the first step, right?)
but, how do you find 'that home'?
that is the question.

how do you know that is 'the right place' for you?

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Linz said...

it's difficult to say since i've never felt absolutely settled either. i know that (1) i have to be near family in order to feel like i'm settled, and (2) the neighborhood has to feel RIGHT. kid-friendly, safe, close to the city without being caught in the traffic of it all, and green everywhere.