Friday, January 15, 2010

70's vintage dress

I am so excited!

I won bidding on this dress on ebay.

well,,, to be exact... there was nobody else bidding!
lucky me :)!!

they have much more great vintage items, please take a minute to check them out!

P.S. have a happy weekend♥


Lily said...

Hi! Thanks for you comments and for following! Great dress. I love winning things on ebay so much!

hehe I just read your post on growing out your bangs. I've tried to grow mine out twice now, but I keep cutting them again! It's ridiculous!

Kennedy said...

lucky you! its beautiful!

RubyTed said...

It's beautiful!! *jealous much?* I've just cut my bangs, and, whilst I love them, I can't help but wish I had something a little less high maintenance!!

You have a lovely blog!

Ali x

Carine said...

Oh yes, I totally understand your excitment about the ebay-thing. Being the one, who finally "wins" is such a great and exciting feeling ... even though you have to pay for it, but it feels like winning :)

You have a great blog, always like stopping by :) In the next month I will start mine, hope to see you there.

Take care,

lunatepetal said...

hello & thanks for your comment!
isn't it ridiculous how long it takes to grow them out(including the times you cut 'em off short again)?!
yet, you look great with the bangs :)

lunatepetal said...

thank you!
your etsy shop is looking super as ever!

lunatepetal said...

hello and thank you for your comment :)
yes, that's another downside of having bangs, isn't it?

lunatepetal said...

yes, wouldn't that be nice if it is a total prize?

thanks for reading my ramblings!
I am looking forward to reading your blog!! keep me posted :)

Karin said...

Ah, congratulations! I think it will suit you!

lunatepetal said...

thanks karin! can't wait to receive it!!