Sunday, January 24, 2010

rose barrettes

it's kinda early,
but is anyone getting ready for Valentines day?

we don't usually do much because my husband doesn't agree with the whole concept.
he says it is just commercialized holiday/event(well not even a holiday)
that is set up to consume more money and things...
he also thinks it doesn't have to be only one day to celebrate being in love.

well, there is a truth to that, I agree.

but it is still nice to do something sweet and romantic,
and celebrate the love you have to the people in your life.

I just saw these cute barrettes and the how-to on the purl bee.
I might have to make myself and little L some!
they are so adorable :)

before thinking about Valentine's day,
our 4th anniversary is coming up this week!
wow!! can't believe it's already been four years since we got married!!
I don't think we'll do anything fancy.
go out for dinner,
and maybe a surprise gift...?
something I can whip it up quickly??
any suggestions????


Linz said...

not really feeling v-day this year. :( i dunno why. but i do want all these cute v-day items that people are making!

lunatepetal said...

I may get totally lazy and go buy him something for our anniversary and v-day combined...