Monday, January 4, 2010

recovering from the holidays

it is so hard to get back to normal life
after one whole week of nothing, but eating lots of food and sweets, sitting around, and hanging out...

now, I am going through a major recovery from the holidays.
my nose is runny and stuffy, throat itches, stomach is all weired from the overindulgence...
I am taking some tincture, drinking lots of teas, rubbing vapor balm into my throat, and eating healthy.
hope it will pass soon!

in addition to all the mess-ups on my body,
little L(my daughter) has been pretty fussy ever since we got back home from the holidays.
I guess she is going through attention withdraw.
all the attention she got from her grandparents, aunties & uncles, cousins and friends...
now, we are back to our normal life -papa & mama & little L.


hope everyone is recovering okay from the holidays!

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