Wednesday, January 27, 2010

no more sleeping on the floor!

last weekend, my husband suddenly decided to make a bad frame.
well, finally...
we've been sleeping on the floor(Japanese style, I guess) for... over a year....

he left to the shop saturday afternoon, saying he would be done in a few hours.
of course, things always take longer than what you expected/estimated.
he didn't get too far that day, and next morning he went working again.
came back home 1:30AM that night with all the parts.
and next morning, we assembled the bed.

this is our new bed :)
it is his own design!
no nails/screws are visible.

he's planning on making drawers underneath the bed.
but we'll see when that's going to happen.
maybe in six months, or a year or two...

thanks, babe!!
having a carpenter(well, timberframer, so he prefers to be called.) as husband is definitely handy and awesome :) :) :)
if you'd like him to design/built you a bed(or anything!),
please contact me:)


Linz said...

congrats on the new platform! it looks awesome!!! i wish my husband knew how to do carpentry... *grumble grumble*

vivatveritas said...

wow, this is very impressive!!

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous bed - very well done! Platform beds are my favorite, too.

lunatepetal said...

thanks everyone! it's been pretty nice sleeping on it :)