Tuesday, January 12, 2010

addicted to...


I went to a few thrift stores last week, just to brows things.
and scored on a few items like Canadian made tin cans and vintage looking plates(sorry no photos!).

now it appears I am addicted to thrift shopping.
I just can't stay away from the thrift stores!

today, on my way to home from running some errands,
I stopped by a couple thrift stores, and got these!

fabric rocking horse toy for little L(my daughter) -$1

stripy bears for little L -$1 for two
I just couldn't to say no to his charming face :)

brown leather shoulder bags for myself :) -$2 and $5
a girl can never own too many bags/purses!
now I can't wait for little L to graduate from diapers,
so that I can use a small bag or purse again!!
awgh! it's a long way to go!!


redhedgingerbread said...

super great finds! Sorry about the address thing - I emailed you through my hotmail account a few days ago but I'll gmail-email so my actual name shows up. That rocking horse is too cute!!

Kennedy said...

such great little finds! esp that brown leather leaf purse, i loooovvvvveeee it!

also, really like your blog <3

lunatepetal said...

I mailed out the packege yesterday, so it should get there in a week or so! hope you like it :)

lunatepetal said...

hello & thanks for your comment!
love your blog too :)