Wednesday, January 13, 2010

organizing printout patterns

I have collected a quite few patterns from Burdastyle, Fitzpatterns, and various other online sewing/pattern sites for the past couple years.

I have been putting them into so called a banker's box.
it is a box with hanging folders.

I fold printed-out patterns and put into a hanging folder.

it still was not organized enough - they didn't have name tags!
every time I went looking for a certain pattern, I had too look through the whole box,
which took me some time and was confusing.

so, this is the first(sort of) project to get my craft/sewing space organized!

last night, after little L(my daughter) went to bed, I finally got around to do this.
tagging each pattern folders !

I had so much fun stamping, too :)!!

how do you organize your pattern, I am curious?
is there any better way to organize the patterns??


Karin said...

Ooh... that's a gorgeous pattern-folder (esp. with your stamed names on the tags)!
I'd so like to but letter-stamps... I haven't found them here yet but I hope I will!

lunatepetal said...

I love stamping!
but, you can just use print-out labels too. there are so many cute ones out there, or you can make your own.

how do you store your patterns??

satomi said...


Karin said...

My printer is unused at the attic :-). I hope it is still ok after 2 years... I should bring it down, I even have some tranfer-paper for fabric... I need a bigger apartement (or to get more organised)!
Speaking of which, I keep my patterns in plastic folders in a much over-filled shoe-box, your system seems much better!

lunatepetal said...



lunatepetal said...

I used to keep the patterns in a folder too! but mine got too thick and rather awkward...