Thursday, January 28, 2010

polaroid photos

I've purchased a polaroid camera at a local thrift store a few weeks ago.
the lady at the store told me it was pretty much brand new, and it was $3.
so, I thought, 'oh what a heck, get it and give it a try.'
next day, I went looking for the films for it.
and the woman there told me they stopped making the films like two years ago!
I also went online looking for the films, but oh my! they are expensive!!
I mean, waaaaayyyyy more than the price I payed for the camera.

I had been wondering ever since,
"how are those polaroid photos I see very often on the web(fashion blogs and such) made??"

Satomi had the answer for my question :)

oh, yes! of course, everything has a softwear in this modern high-tech world!!
she used this program, but for some reason I couldn't download the sample... :(
I am very cheap when it comes to things like this, so I am kind of hesitant to pay $10 to get the softwear.
I think there is something wrong with the setting of my computer, but what if it doesn't work on this?!

so, again I went to the world with all the answers, called google, searching for 'polaroid',
and found this one.

here are a couple photos I tried.

how to use it is pretty easy and simple.
image of a polaroid camera shows up when you start the program,
then all you have to do is to drag an image on to the camera.
it's kinda cute and fun. it even makes the noise of the camera.
but the down side is you can't really control/edit how you'd like it to look...

now, I am curious,,,
have any of you used a polaroid program? what do you use??
is any of the free ones good??


Linz said...

i use my iPhone for everything. it has the best camera apps on the planet. of course, the problem is (1) you'd have to buy the iPhone, and (2) the resolution is not that great. i think flickr has a rudimentary photo manipulation option.

you can also go to and type in "free polaroid" and see what they come up with in terms of free software. good luck!

verypurpleperson said...

I like poladroid too, it's fun and very easy to use. Love the camera icon on my desktop. I also use iPhone apps, but it's quite similar to Poladroid that you can't control the effect.
For more control, I use Photoshop with Polaroid GENERATOR V1 (free photoshop action).
But my favourite right now is, it's an online editing tools with lots of effects including polaroid and those lomo/holga/orton/etc stuff. You can control and edit the photos. Also very easy (and free!).

verypurpleperson said...

Oh by the way, I just tried the one from Satomi's link. I like it! The interface is cool and it's very easy to use. I wonder why you couldn't download the sample...
Thank you very much for the link! \(^.^)/

satomi said...


lunatepetal said...

of course, iPhone! ha!!
I am so behind the technology... I don't even have a cell phone! it's kind of awesome :)

lunatepetal said...

thanks for the info! I'll try those out.
glad you liked the one Satomi uses! I don't know why I couldn't... I think it's just some settings my computer's on... :( maybe ask my husband.

lunatepetal said...


Jaeve + Things said...

i haven't used any programs, when polaroids were still being made and you could buy the film relatively cheap(er) at Walmart, i was snapping photos with it all the time. i stopped using my polaroid just because it just wasn't economical. these programs are cool though, thanks for sharing!

::HARUNA:: said...

>Jaeve + Things
thanks for the comment!
yes, that's another thing,,, they are not that economical! (also the stash keeps growing!!)
good old days with film cameras :)