Tuesday, January 5, 2010

girl crush on short hair girls

I've just finished watching a movie, called An Education.
I have been wanting to watch it for a quite some time after seeing so many write-ups here and there on magazines and blogs.
another reason why I wanted to watch the movie was because I also had a little bit of girl crash on Carey Mulligan, too.
she is just too cute and looked lovely in those dresses.

now her hair is short, and she looks great with the haircut.


I also love how Michelle Williams pulls off the short hair too.


I guess they look alike a little bit.
they both have such a pretty baby face!

I wish I looked good in it...
I cut my hair really short(like an inch long!!) one time when I was in high school,
but I did not like it AT ALL.
I looked like a little monkey... Xl
and of course it took forever to grow it back longer, which is the worst part if you don't like your new hairdo...
so, having had the experience, I don't think I will ever cut my hair short again. NEVER!

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