Sunday, January 3, 2010

coin purses & makeup pouches/pencil cases

I made a whole bunch of these for Christmas.
they were the gift for my nieces and friends.

I never worked with the purse frames,
so I web-surfed and found the following sites for references.
the purl bee
cotton cloud

it was pretty easy to make,
but I had a heck of hard time when I was assembling them.
I did not have a pair of pliers that worked well climping the frames,
I was using my beading pliers, but it was not strong enough and leaving marks on the frame.
so, I tried something else, and ended up using my chasing hammer to climp them down.
it worked pretty well!
I would definitely get a pair of pliers for making framed purses if I make some more in the future tough.

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Tiffanyloreneallen said...

They are adorable purses!!!