Monday, January 11, 2010

bangs dilemma

I've cut my bangs a few months ago at the beginning of the winter.
it had been like SIX years since the last time I had short bangs.
I wanted to spice up my hairstyle a bit without going through a dramatic change like chopping my long hair short or dying...

it was fun for a while, but now my bangs are in-between lengths.
-the most annoying length, just below my eyes-
and it's been very hard to handle...

my plan was to grow it out again by the summer
because I can't handle having my bangs down in the hot days.
it feels extra hot when the bangs are down, and that really bugs me!(I melt in the heat...)

so, that was the plan until I saw this girl...
this girl with cute bangs are giving me the nudge to cut my bangs short again!

{{I am in a huge dilemma}}

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